TWEED PRINCETON 5F2A PARTS kit, Fender Clone, Belton sockets, Switchcraft, DIY

Build it yourself Tweed Princeton 5F2A parts kit.  Unassembled kit includes  all the small parts, except, chassis,  transformers, tubes, cabinet and speaker.  Many USA made and all name brand components are used in the kit. 

  Beware of the chinese kits and others that have made their listings look like mine.  They do not have the USA made and top name brand components that we use in our kits,  don't get stuck with phony, cheap parts!!    

  • USA MADE Eyelet board
  • Belton tube sockets, with mounting hardware 
  • Littlefuse fuse holder, with 2A slow blow fuse
  • Pilot light assembly ( USA ) with red jewel, and #47 bulb, USA made
  • Carling switch
  • Alpha 1MA pots, and a black flat top knobs
  • Switchcraft high quality input jacks, and speaker jack, and 1/4" speaker plug
  • MOD 16uf@475V and 8uf@475V electrolytic capacitors
  • Mallory 150  .022@630V coupling caps
  • CARBON FILM resistors
  • 3W and 5W metal oxide and wire wound power resistors
  • Mil Spec, ( USA ) High temp. 600V  20 gauge hook up wire, 5 feet of green, yellow, and red.  2 feet of black.
  • 10 foot long power cord, 18 gauge, and a strain relief
  • 18" of speaker wire
  • Stainless chassis mounting truss bolts with Keps nuts
  • Complete hardware kit including transformer mounting hardware                                                                                                                                                                      
***Amp kits do not include step by step assembly instructions or troubleshooting advice.  Layout diagrams and schematics are easily found and printed on the internet. They require time, ability and tools to do the job right, and safely.  If you do not have the ability or means to assemble, then maybe a kit is not right for you,  or enlist the help of a qualified builder if you are uncertain.  Any amp kit requires some knowledge and experience,  so please make sure you are up to the task before you buy this kit or anybody's kit.  Lets keep this hobby fun and SAFE !!***