Welcome to Tube Audio Supply!   

I have been involved in tube guitar amp for nearly 35 years, and have owned nearly every guitar amp that you could possibly dream about.  My passion is still with the Fender designs,  because they are so simple and they sound so good!  There is just something about having less knobs that makes your guitar and amp sound better.  Keep the circuit simple,  use quality tubes and speakers, and the "less is more" approach works quite nicely.  

Here on my website,  you will find Fender style clone kits,  as well as individual parts and pieces to help put together your own projects.   I am constantly working on modifications to existing circuits and prototyping new designs,  some based on Fender tones,  and some based on Vox tones.  I work with local bands,  and provide amps for live gigs,  to be used, abused, and tortured,  all in an effort to test any amp that i will offer as a kit.  If it is for sale on my website,  it is something i actually use and believe to be of good quality and a good value.  I search for the best vendors, and i am excited to offer many USA made items,  as an alternative to off shore products.  Sometimes there is no other choice but off shore brands, but i test everything to insure that they are of the very best quality.  

We are a small but growing operation,  and hope i can be of service to you.   This is a very rewarding and exciting hobby, and i hope that you enjoy it as much as i do.  There will be new items listed as we grow, and i invite you to check back often.  

Tube Audio Supply LLC is in no way connected or associated with Fender, FMIC, Vox, or Marshall, or any of their subsidiaries

 Contact:  tubeaudiosupply@yahoo.com

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