Build it yourself Tweed Deluxe 5E3 parts kit.  Unassembled kit, all the small parts, except chassis, transformers, tubes, cabinet and speaker.  All name brand components are used in the kit.   

  • EYELET BOARD  (turret boards are back in stock,  if you want to substitute a turret board for the eyelet board,  please send email and i will make the change.    tubeaudiosupply@yahoo.com )
  • Belton tube sockets, with mounting hardware 
  • Littlefuse fuse holder, with 2A slow blow fuse
  • Pilot light assembly, with red jewel, and #47 bulb, USA made
  • Alpha 1MA pots, and Black flat top knobs
  • Switchcraft high quality input jacks, and speaker jack, and 1/4" speaker plug
  • MOD 22uf and 16uf electrolytic capacitors, 500V (22uf) and 475V (16uf) rating
  • Mallory 150  .1uf and .022@630V coupling caps
  • Carbon Film resistors
  • 3W and 5W metal oxide and wire wound power resistors
  • Mil Spec, High temp. 600V  20 gauge hook up wire, 5 feet of green, yellow, and red.  2 feet of black.
  • 10 foot long power cord, 18 gauge, and a strain relief
  • 18 inches of speaker wire, 16 ga.
  • Stainless chassis mounting truss bolts with Keps nuts 
  • Rubber grommets