5F6 TWEED BASSMAN Turret Board Set, 5F6A circuit, with cap board, standoffs

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  • Turret board and Capacitor board for 5F6AFender Tweed Bassman clone amps
  • 2mm black fiberglass with turrets installed.  
  • Classic 5F6A layout pattern 
  • Capacitor board is large enough to fit all the popular capacitors  Capacitor board is not drilled for standoff's, you can drill exactly where you need them
  • Caps shown are for illustration purposes only, and not included.
  • 5 Board standoffs with hardware are INCLUDED!   
  • Standoffs are Nylon 5/16" tall,  Zinc bolts are 6-32 with keps nuts.
  • Main Circuit Board measures 11.5" long and 3" wide,  Capacitor board is 4" long and 3" high.